Born and raised in the South, Amy Young grew up with a paint brush in her hand. Her family was creative and as a child she was given the freedom to be messy while creating, was told not to color within the lines, to paint beyond the borders and that clouds could be any color! Her family recognized her gift, and gave her the opportunity to explore her love of art through workshops. It was at these that she learned to work in a wide variety of artistic mediums. At the University of Alabama she was drawn to the art department and upon graduating she continued to study under many nationally known artists. Amy is an artist of raw ideas and is not afraid to push the boundaries with experimentation. Her studio is a place of exploration where she wildly applies paint in thick layers using various tools including her hands. The materials she uses include oil, ink, gouche, watercolor, acrylic, charcoal, pastels, oil sticks, textiles, oil pastels, spray paint, dry paint pigments, industrial paint, cold wax, encaustic wax, and old concert posters collected off the streets of Telluride. Once in her creative studio environment, she approaches the canvas as a wide open adventure. Her pieces can be found in private collections and public spaces across the country. She resides in Fort Worth, Texas.