I have had the absolute pleasure to get to know Amy and experience her genius. Art is a big part of my life, ask anyone, and the vision that Amy shares in her work not only speaks to me on a cellular level, but also tugs my heart in such a way that I feel everything she’s saying with every brushstroke. Amy is talented, strong, passionate, and kind. It’s been an honor working alongside her on projects for clients AND projects for me. Art is life!

Shauna Glenn Design

The passion that spills from Amy onto every canvas is something that is truly beautiful. It's as if each piece is alive — with feelings and emotions, captivating you with every brush stroke. 

Young Creative Co.

After meeting Amy, I saw her spirit splashed across, poured out and breathed into every piece. I now own two larger works, and each one speaks to me in different ways every time I pass by.  I can’t wait to see how she expresses herself in new ways.

Kristal Mooneyham



3244 Stuart Drive
Fort Worth, TX
*open every Thursday 12 -4

For all inquiries email amyoungart@gmail.com